Planning two more HOTT Armies for

Today I spend a few hours planning out two more HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Armies for  A follow up to the HOTT1018 Empyre Army that came out last week. has many different HOTT armies and they have proved really popular over the past five years, indeed they were one of the first sections on the fledgling website way back when.  In fact almost all the miniatures in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range appear in these armies and with these new codes so will the majority of the classic TTF 15mm Fantasy range.  Anyhoo…

Here are the listings I have worked out using my old copy of the vintage A5 book…now rather rare as even cannot get stock of it to sell!

I think these will appear in a few weeks time; more on it nearer the time.

HOTT1019 Army of Evil 24AP Army

God @ 4AP 1 (One Arch Demon) (C1)
Behemoth @4AP 1 (A Balrog) (B1)
Sneaker @ 3AP 1 (Three Gargoyles) (D1)
Lurkers @ 1AP 1 (Three Liches and Ghouls) (C1)
Knights @ 2AP 2 (Three Chaos Knights on Horse) (C2)
Blades (General) 2@ AP 1 (Three Chaos Lords) (E1)
Blades @ 2AP 2 (Four Chaos Knight on Foot) (E2)
Spears @ 2AP 1 (Four Human Spearmasters) (E1)

This Army Pack contains the following miniatures from the TTF range.

535 Arch Demon (1)
526 Balrog (1)
548 Gargoyle (3)
542 Liche and Ghoul (3)
537 Chaos Knight (6)
538 Chaos Lords (3)
539 Chaos Knight (8)
MDA22B Human Spearmaster (4)

HOTT1020 Orc Tribe 24AP Army

Artillery @ 3AP 1 (Catapult with two Orc Crew) (B1)
Magician @ 4AP 1 (Orc Shaman with two Guards) (B1)
Warband (General) @ 2AP 1 (Orc Hero with two Followers) (C1)
Beasts @ 1AP 1 (Four Manticore Young) (B1)
Riders @ 2AP 2 (Three Orc Boar Riders with Sword) (C2)
Riders @ 2AP 2 (Three Orc Boar Riders with Spear) (C2)
Spears @ 2AP 2 (Four Mountain Orcs with Pike) (E2)

This Army Pack contains the following miniatures from the HOT and TTF range.

HOT90 Orc Catapult with crew (2)
HOT91 Orc Magician with two HOT91 Guards (3)
HOT91 Orc Hero along with Standard, Drummer (3)
550 Manticore Young (4)
HOT89 Orc Boar Riders with Sword (6)
HOT89 Orc Boar Riders with Spear (6)
MDA20C Mountain Orc with Spear (8)