‘Terminus’ – free micro scenarios coming to Barking Irons Online

Invisible and impermeable until a civilisation reaches a point of technical advancement capable of reaching its solar system’s edge the Terminus is a lethal challenge set to all space faring species.  From an inky nothingness to an obstacle that can only be overcome by skilful use of military force Terminus is the benchmark of adulthood for every race that fancies itself a possible master of the universe.  A Terminus blocks all exits from a solar system seemingly moving almost instantly to any vector taken by star ships trying to leave the system.  Appearing as a monolithic flat piece of golden metal some thousand miles wide  Terminus destroys any vessel that tries to pass by it but allows any and all vessels to land upon it.    All species are astounded to discover that the surface of their Terminus is porous and starships simply sink into it descending into a world like cavern with a breathable atmosphere and gravity much like their home planet.  As soldiers, scientists, explorers and others take their first steps within Terminus the tests begin….

Terminus sets those who wish to leave their home solar system challenges, lethal ones, beginning small and then getting larger and larger, pushing those who enter it to their utter limits.  Projectile, directed energy, plasma and all other types of weapons must face off against the enemies that Terminus sends forth.  Savage creatures, primitive aliens, robots and faceless legions each more difficult to defeat than the last.  There is no leaving Terminus without victory though signals for help are always allowed passage so that the screams of those found wanting can be heard upon the worlds from which they came.

Those races who have beaten their Terminus challenge have earned their place on the stellar stage.  Once they do they learn of the legends told by other space faring species of their own encounter with the dreaded Terminus.

Well if that got your attention and left you wanting to know more then you will need to check out Barking Irons Online during March 2012 where the Terminus micro scenarios will be put up for free for players of UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction rules.

Each of these micro scenarios will contain an introduction, scenario forces and goals, solo play guide and what you need to play.  About seven hundred words around one central aim per scenario.  All geared towards a quick game with set objectives.


USE ME Riot…a possible project

Recently talk has turned to the subject of a possible USE ME title concerning civil disturbance or for the ease of reference ‘USE ME Riots’ after my review of Miniature Wargames magazine which had an excellent article on this subject.  I have given these messages a good deal of thought and I think that its perfectly possible to do a set of miniature rules for riots.  Members of the Notables group suggested not only modern rioters against the police but also mobs against each other such as those seen at Football matches in Europe.  On top of this an add on to do historical riots such as the Gordon Riots of 18th century London or the slave revolts of ancient Egypt.

I have no spare design time until May 2012 but then, if interest persists, I would be willing to pen this title.

Drop me an email on this site or at 15mm.co.uk…heck you could comment on this post too, if you would like to see USE ME Riots become a reality.