The Ion Age

‘This galaxy has decided to gorge upon itself, to consume its vitality once more in pointless slaughter that will see those left afterwards little more than mono-planet atom burners. Well, its not going to happen, not again. My father, your king, died for the dream that Prydia held dear and in two decades of civil war we here also have nearly lost that promise of freedom we hold equally dear. We will all have that freedom again mark me, the Barons will pay and those beings not of mankind that are even now forcing open the doors will be thrown back to the Anwnn where they came from. Prydia will rise once more and I will, with the aid of the Starvaulters, make it happen.’  

Princess Daphne Cyon address to the Council of Aeddans 4330IC

Want to watch me build a fictional universe week by week and see all the fantastic miniatures and art that goes with it? Good! Then head along to The Ion Age and its Blog.

Gavin Syme (GBS)



The Ion Age Range

My dream of a space opera setting unlike any other is going well.  Hundreds of different miniatures, dozens of buildings and vehicle kits and books too.  Below are some pictures to show a few of our products.