The Predator meets its Match!


The Warrior takes on a dangerous foe!

Its ramping up towards Salute 2014 and that means, as every year, I have little free time.  Only part of today in fact this week.  So a quick run up to Ayr in the car to get some things.  So there we were after all having hair cuts and buying many pairs of new shoes for school when walking up the high street we ended up in the middle of a sci-fi battle!  As you can see in the picture the Warrior, my youngest son, had brought his water pistol with him (he must have an axe or something at all times as heads might needed hue’d from shoulders) and he needed it.  There on the pavement was the galaxy’s greatest hunter looking for victims…well it found more than its four jaws could chew on with the Warrior!

Actually the Predator was collecting money for charity but it made the little guy’s day and he posed for the picture (they told me they wanted to use it on their website so I said fine).  Enjoy the picture and avoid the phrase for the handsome looking chap to the rear left sporting a Snake Plissken t-shirt ‘you are one ugly mother funker’….I am not!

My original posting for today was going to be something either on the first successful prosecutions in the UK for female genital mutilation (about time..isn’t tolerating cultures despite what they do awesome) or about the endless coverage of the missing plane (so much coverage I don’t even have to tell you which one) or Kate Bush touring again for the first time since 1979 (no tickets left damn!).  Perhaps even about my continuing obsession with Snake Plissken (I know have the movies, the book, the t-shirt and the action figure mint in box) or my new copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to replace the battered one that just fell apart on the twentieth reading.  But this was way more fun.


GBS the birthday King of Lead!


The Throne of Lead!

Today is my birthday…yes once a year it arrives.  While it is a day of work (as all days are for me..who can understand those who claim to be too busy eh!) it is also a day of joy.  Joy at now being thirty five years old.  I am now half way to the big four zero.  I have been well treated with gifts and cards and many emails and messages too from across the world so thank you all.  I will try and reply to all of them by midnight.

The picture above well that was the biggest surprise of the day thus far.  My good friend Sam Croes (he of the Ion Age) sprung a piece of artwork on me as a gift.  Some have likened me to the ultimate barbarian and now you can see what that might have looked like.  I am going to get this turned into a poster and put on my wall.  I am the King of Lead it seems.  It was nice of Mr Croes to tone down the muscles on me… ha!  (it seems my darling wife knew of this and she is also in the picture!).

Its been a very busy year for me.  I have had good times on the whole and bad times on occasion.  You can follow them back across the blog if you so desire.  But age is just a number and the next twelve months will bring even more to talk about.  I have plans…lots of them.  Some of them might even make it to reality.  Working in the Wargaming Industry is very rewarding and creative.

What I do want to say is that apart from being depicted as a barbarian I am a good man, a good husband and father and a loyal friend.  I am loved and I return that love and in life that is what matters.


Now we are Eight my Little Poet


Minions are cool..but purple minions are way cooler!

Now you are eight my little poet and bright you burn.  A ray of sun in the world that promises much for a future not yet composed.   Your face radiant and your words stronger and surer each day.  Strong in limb and in mind my how you grow.  Not so long ago to me a babe you were and a bundle in constant need of me.   You need me still and you always will but it will be less and less and for that you will make me proud.  My central son, my poet, my Daniel.

Happy Birthday!


Goodbye Gran


1981 on the beach. One of my earliest memories.

I am now without grand parents.  A life process that began before I was born with my paternal grandfather and then when I was a young teenager with my maternal grandfather.  It continued with the death of my paternal grandmother in May 2012 which I blogged about here and it ended last week as my maternal grandmother passed away.  She had been unwell for some time and had gradually slid away from the caring and wonderful woman that in many ways dominated my early years.  I had expected her death and prepared myself mentally for it but it was still a shock and saddened me greatly.

Her funeral was yesterday and those who know me personally will have noticed my lack of work in the last week or so.  I had not the heart for it.   A simple service at a crematorium in Glasgow followed by a meal in the city all attended by family and friends alike.   I have little time for religion and empty promises of a better place beyond and instead as the service went on I thought instead of the times I had shared with my Gran in the close years before I moved away to England.  Then those times many years later when I stayed with her during my time at Glasgow University when we spent virtually every weekend together for the best part of five years.  We were related and I saw her in myself but more than that we were loyal friends and I did all she asked and needed me to do.  I was snapped back to the service by the touching eulogy which named me as her ‘little soldier’.  I had not been called that in more than two decades.


1983 my 4th Birthday with my cousin Jennifer (she is even prettier now!)

Life moves on and in time this will become another memory but right now its sore to the touch.  We are a small family and now we are fewer and poorer for this.   My grandmother stood by me year after year and watched me pass each milestone that marked manhood and there have been many.  Every challenge accepted and met.   She loved her two daughters and her two grandchildren and my own children too and now this final milestone for her makes me no longer a grandson but a son only as the generations change.   In the end death comes to us all but it is in those who continue that we matter for our fingerprints are on those whom we touched and guided and improved.

Goodbye Grandmother Fraser 1927-2014.


New Phone and Custom Case


I recently got a new phone.  I thought it was time, since my last one was bought before the advent of most social media.  While its all business for me I did want to share the little luxury I bought myself to go with the phone. As you can see is a great piece of artwork by Sam Croes on a protective case.  Depicting giant robots in a burning cityscape.  From a future project, don’t ask, as this image is all you will see of the project for now.   Its one for 2015.

Enjoy the picture and thanks to my good lady for taking the shot, as you can imagine its hard to take a picture of your own phone case while your phone is in it!


Lion King on Stage in Edinburgh


My good lady enjoyed a weekend away with her best friend which left me at a loose end (only kidding I just kept working of course).  She travelled to Edinburgh to spend a night in a swish hotel and to take in the stage version of The Lion King at the Playhouse.  I am pleased to report that my treat which included an excellent gift bag went down well and that a super time was had by both of them.


Perhaps I am too nice…but I do love her dearly.


Happy 5th Birthday my little Warrior


Way back when with the Warrior dead centre!

Today is your birthday and now you are five.  What a little terror and delight you have become my son.  Mercurial and unlike your brothers you are the most testing and often the most rewarding of the trio.  I see your mother and myself in you and your temper…well that is all me.  Enjoy the presents and the cake and the birthday party too.  It’s your day and now you are five.

As an aside there is an important member of the family not here today and he is missed.  The picture above is from 2010 and shows the trio at Girvan Rail Station plus another….Uncle James. See you soon!


GBS and AJS 2014!


Twelve Years ago today I got married.  I snapped this picture a few days ago and it sums up my feelings.  I love you my lady as much today as I always have and no work, no money, no people and no damned nonsense of the world will ever come between us.  Anniversary Day once more and while this is a short post it makes the point!

Now…Champagne Cognac or Botanical Gin….hummm…


Happy New Year 2014 and a Happy Man


Happy New Year to all.  Yes, to all.  All those who are a little mad, a little sad, a bit deluded and those who are hanging on as well.  I am a happy guy, but why?  Well I have just about all that a man might want out of life. A woman I adore, smart and sharp children, my own home, a free mind and the intellectual liberty to reject chaining nonsense along with great friends and a job quite unlike any other in the world.  These are the true things of happiness to me.  So no new resolutions for me.  Its the same as every year with a straight back and a keen eye.  Be a good person, help people, bring light to darkness and have fun.  Oh…and type a hundred emails a day to keep everyone enjoying the input of ‘GBS’ across the world.

Big events coming up this year for all here in Scotland

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  Not much on this from me but something maybe.

The 180914 Referendum for Scottish Independence.  Expect some posts on this as well as what I actually decide to vote on the day.  Biggest choice I might ever make in politics.

Enjoy the Winter!


Winter Season hits Scotland hard today!

From BBC early this morning central Scotland

I am typing this post between the roar of the wind and the losses of electricity that have been battering Girvan since late last night.  Although the weather service did warn us all that high wind was to be expected I think the country got more than it was expecting.  Early this morning the power went out but not before the local radio reported that the Scottish Government had upped the yellow weather warning to a full red top level alert.  By that time the whole rail network had closed down, part of Glasgow Central Station’s roof fell in and many roads were shut with fallen trees and tipped over vehicles.  Girvan primary school was closed and going to work impossible due to the debris and high wind.  See the BBC for more.  Look at this video for what is happening in South Ayrshire.

Scotrail Train with a broken window

What does this mean.  Well it means no work today and maybe not on Friday depending on the damage and the roads.  No email from me and while I did manage to get The Ion Age release out for today I did that on battery power on an Ipad! No orders will be leaving Alternative Armies, or The Ion Age until next week (I am told Royal Mail has stopped for the moment too).  Apologies to all but there is not much I can do about this….

Its not been a good week for Central Scotland really.