777th Croaked Line – Green to White Metal (pt2)

Carrying on from the first part of this posting about the 777th Croaked Line for Flintloque and Alternative Armies I present to you all the end result of the molding process.  White Metal miniatures!

Below you can see all of the poses in this brand new regiment both front and back views.

Vampyre Officer, Skeletal Liche, Skeletal Standard Bearer, Zombie ‘squeeze box’ player

Rear View of the above four

Zombie Chef, Decayed Zombie Private, Fresh Zombie Private, Skeletal Zombie Private

Rear View of the above four

Poor Dead Luigi!

Going from the top we can see all of the white metal loveliness.  These are ‘tins’ that is master mold castings which are then used to make the production molds which will make all of the miniatures which will go out to Flintloque players all over the world.   These are brilliant miniatures filled with character and inspiring a lot of adoration even at this point.

Being an Undead formation the unit code for these miniatures will be twenty eight figures strong which will be released alongside a pack of all the poses and a couple of blister codes for trooper boosters and extra dead Todoroni.  So far reaction to my asking has been that the casualty should be in the core pack but not in the unit code.  This might change.  I know Todoroni players will want a pack of corpses for their mortal troops demise on table.

I am going to save naming these miniatures and character ideas until I see them painted up and complete which brings me onto the next part of this series of wee articles.  Rob Alderman is busily painting up his own set of the 777th Croaked Line in a uniform of his choice…but…Eve Hallow is also painting up a set of the same with his own idea of the uniform.  My plan?  To bring you both versions!  As this is a brand new Undead unit there is a lot of leeway with uniform choices and flesh tones.  Rumour has it that Rob has gone for a variation on the Bella Lugosi Militia uniform and Eve has riffed on the historical uniform of ‘Kingdom of Naples’ line infantry.   We will see what is what soon enough.  I will be impartial and intend to studio photograph both sets…perhaps a vote on the Notables Yahoo Group to chose which uniform becomes the one for the official website page.

Until the flesh rots people….


13 thoughts on “777th Croaked Line – Green to White Metal (pt2)

    • Hello Tony,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am keen to see what Eve and Rob do…with neither seeing the work of the other…should be interesting.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing these sculpts, I really do enjoy Rob’s sculpting, you can tell that he really cares on what the figures look like and he seems to give each one it’s own personality.
    Waiting at the edge of my seat for the painted versions.
    After looking at the wonderful character these have I have a good mind to come up with some undead deserter group.
    Start my own deserters S’Loo army.
    Bob Mc

    • Hello Bob,

      Yes, Rob really loves Flintloque more than any other game system out there. I have not seen either painted set yet so I have no idea what they will look like.

      Undead Deserters….they would have to have a friendly Liche to direct them or Brain Freeze would set it.


      • Mine are done, just need to be varnished, based and packed. I’d imagine you’ll get them soon. 🙂

        • The excitement mounts! I can’t wait to see the two sets next to each other on my desk. Pictures will be taken of course.

          Good stuff Rob.


  2. Can`t wait to get these guys, Argh! No, Little Luigi dead?! Guiseppe what have you done to him?

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