‘The Zone’ – A new blog from the Winter ’79 Team

The Game Begins!

Recently I have been speaking to ‘Maff’ one of the excellent gaming combo behind Winter of ’79 and also the awesome Dropship Horizon blog too.  He is a big fan of the Laserburn range of 15mm miniatures and sci-fi gaming in general.  To that end he sent me a link to a brand new blog where he will be extolling his adventures.  The name of this blog is….The Zone.  They also included an ‘in joke’ in the domain name of the blog, see if you can spot it.

At the moment of typing there are two posts on the new blog both of them crackers.  Intense urban skirmish…ain’t it the best kinda gaming for 15mm.  That is what I had in mind when I thought up the idea for HOF Fire-Team.

Good luck with the new blog lads.  I will be watching.