B.B.King the Life of Riley

The great B.B.King

Coming out in a few very lucky cinema’s this week is a biopic of the greatest living blues man B.B.King (sorry Mr Guy you are a close second to me).  I will not be able to see this film until it comes out on DVD but for now I am content to watch clips and listen to my collection of his music.  Those who know me know that I am a big fan of the Blues along with vintage Prog-Rock and other music of the 1950’s-1970’s but my love of this music comes from my childhood and, thanks to my father, a visit to B.B’s club in Memphis when I was a young teenager.

The film by GFM Films is titled The Life of Riley being a play on the old phrase plus that is actually Mr King’s first name.  It features interviews and so on along with live footage and a lot of the man himself looking over a life and career that has spanned way more than half a century.  Follow the link in this paragraph to learn more on this and see some stills.

Below I have put a clip from the film which you can enjoy but it makes me a bit sad really that I have never seen him play and likely I never will.