‘The Zone’ blog entertains!

From ‘The Trojan Hovercar’ adventure

Back in October I posted about a brand new blog called ‘The Zone’ run my Math one of the fellows behind Dropship Horizon blog.  Since then I have reading its postings with excitement and a good laugh too.  Each posting is an adventure with a lot of back story and characters.  I have also spoken to Math by email and assisted him with an order to 15mm.co.uk to get some pro-painted Law Officers from the Laserburn range.  To that end he has sent me images of conversions of some Laserburn miniatures for The Zone.  Pictures below.

Col and Rayy – Laserburn 15mm conversions

Converted Laserburn flt car with crew

These images in this posting are from the most recent piece on The Zone, an adventure known as The Trojan Hovercar.  Check it out.

I recommend this blog to any wargamer who loves the 2000AD comic, classic or retro 1970’s sci-fi and a spun yarn to read too.  Keep up the good work Math!