“When you send back a package from America…”

Eraser used for maximum security!

Again with the bad pun…this time courtesy of The Proclaimers (click on this and listen while reading this post).  A package for the Syme clan all the way from the dear old USA!

This package contains gifts for all five of us courtesy of my good friend Bob McAlister and his kin in Illinois.  Bob has been a fan and player of Flintloque and Slaughterloo (not to mention trying almost all the ranges and games that I am involved with…what a guy!) for many years but there is a tale to be told.  Bob and his family were due to come to Scotland and stay with me for a few days while here on holiday at the start of this month but sadly due to the massive storm that hit the east coast their plans were scrapped.  So the package was dispatched instead.  I have a package to send back but it awaits the tender mercies of Eve Hallow first.

Pressure is already building to open the package but I shall not cave in until the weekend, build up some excitement first.  Plus it is the Girvan Street Party on Friday evening so the terrific three will be tired and ready for indoor fun by Saturday.  Anything in there that involves me will of course be blogged about…Bob promised me something wargaming related…ohhhhh.

Thank you McAlisters from all here in the Syme household!


4 thoughts on ““When you send back a package from America…”

  1. I say,I must now hunt down music by The Proclaimers.
    Because I followed the directions and listend to the music as I read the post.
    I have never heard of this band but then I am not the music person in our household,My wife and son have taken that mantel up. Though the son is more the movie and story guy. Any music I get introduced to is from her (Keane ) or others like Gavin putting The Proclaimers up.
    I think you will like what is in the package. I will say no more.


    • Hello Bob,

      Thanks again and please do say no more…I don’t want the surprise spoiled.
      Never heard of the Proclaimers…for shame. Well worth checking out and rather different fayre to what is around now.


      • I know the Proclaimers. I was living in Aberdeen when “Sunshine on Leith” came out. Used to have it, actually, but it seems to have gone missing. Otherwise I’d have him give it a listen.

        • Hello Lynn,

          Follow the link to YouTube and then down the right hand side you can go to Sunshine on Leith…Irvine no more so they say! Just up the road from here.



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