A Chocolate Factory themed Birthday for the Warrior

This post is a day late but yesterday was a long and hectic day so here we are; late but unrepentant!  It was my youngest son’s forth birthday and he, the Warrior, was determined that it was to be themed around his most favourite thing in the world…Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  The lad loves this tale.  He has both the films, the audio book, the novel (though it is his brothers copy and he cannot yet read it!) plus clothing and everything else he can get his hands on for it.  So a party on this line was the order of the day.

chocolate factory cake

A Cake fit for a Prince! Custom Made and very impressive

I have to thank my good lady who frankly made all the effort with this birthday and the party.  I do not have a lot of free time (wargamers hunting Flintloque miniatures can do that too you) so she designed and ordered custom invites, the fantastic artist’s cake (above) and she made what were frankly professional grade party bags made to look like they were from the Wonka Factory.  These included candy canes and ‘re-wrapped’ cadbury bars in Wonka Wrappers.  The attendance at the party was twenty odd, no more would have fitted in!

wonka bars

Little Wonka Bars!

wonka party bag

Home made but Professional looking Wonka Party Bags

The wee guy was spoiled by his friends and family, when you are four its what should happen, and after unwrapped a pile of pressies he toddled off to bed and was out like a light!

warrior 4th

I’ve been up for fourteen hours now!

So well done to all involved.  The Warrior will remember this party and that day for a long time to come.  But as an aside…what he really wanted for his birthday, two things.  Firstly a little DVD player so he can watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in bed and…of all things…Eve Hallow to come round for some cake!  Eve did so but cake and kiddies and the living dead don’t really mix!


2 thoughts on “A Chocolate Factory themed Birthday for the Warrior

  1. Bless him! What a fantastic party! Such hard work!!!! Well it seems like it was enjoyed and he looks like he’s happy!
    Good work 🙂

    • Hello Rob,

      Thanks for your comment. Well you got to do your best in work, play and family too. He did indeed have a good time but by the gods was he grumpy the next day, following up with twelve hours kip that night. Sign of a good time indeed.


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