Voice of BBC Radio 4 news retires….

Charlotte Green hard at work

Today is a little sad for me as a voice I have known for nearly twenty years is retiring from BBC Radio Four.  Charlotte Green has been the voice of news reading on that most fine of stations for quarter of a century, longer than I have listen to it.  Radio Four, I think, is the finest information based station in the world and while it will continue on and there is a stack of talent still there it will not be the same for me.  Early in the morning her voice said ‘wake up and get to working’, in the day it said ‘take a break and have some lunch’, the evening saw ‘press on and get that piece finished’ and the bulletin at ten at night said ‘that’s enough, time to quit’.   Last year another loved long term voice, Harriet Casse, also left the station.

Oddly enough Charlotte was and is very camera shy and right up to lunchtime today I had no idea what she looked like!  She only appeared on screen for a few seconds but it was nice to put a face to the voice.

Happy Trails Charlotte and if they ask you back please say yes!


6 thoughts on “Voice of BBC Radio 4 news retires….

  1. Heh, I used to listen quite often to Radio 4 during the beginning of my stay in the UK. Even though my colleagues found it to be “for old people”. But then I bought a DAB radio and I was introduced to the wonderful world of audio drama that Radio 4 Extra (formerly Radio 7) had to offer. Especially “The 7th dimension” -a full hour of Sci-Fi readings and drama- kept me company during many a late evening at work or during the weekend evenings.
    One thing is to be said about the BBC, they do know how to make good radio.

    • Hello Sam,

      I would say Radio 4 is for intelligent people interested in the world. Radio 4 Extra is a great channel that digitally comes into its own on the BBC IPlayer where you can pick and choose to listen to whole series at any time of the day. I listen several hours a day to one or other station. The BBC is still the best producer of content for radio in the world in my opinion.


      • I know, I quite enjoyed some of their programs (audio documentaries, I would call them) on history and culture. But I was most amazed by the sheer amount of radio plays broadcasted on Radio 4 Extra – a lot of money and effort must go into these. (I’m not talking about “The Archers” 😉 ) It’s a shame iPlayer won’t work outside of the UK, the Belgian radio stations generally are rubbish.

        • Hello Sam,

          Its down the public funding. Aside from the BBC the other channels are generally as rubbish as European ones now, ITV3 for instance will not commission anything that does not involve people screaming at each other. You should be able to get the BBC World Service online, outside of the Iplayer.


  2. Yeah, but World Service (can receive that on long wave as well on a regular radio) is relatively boring, mainly news broadcast repeats. It is odd though that BBC does not offer some sort of subscription system for foreign listeners, I for one would be willing to pay for the content. For one thing it’s far better than any of the crap they are showing on TV over here.

  3. I would agree with you (for the most part) that Radio 4 is one of the better informed radio stations in the UK (possibly the world) but for easier listening Radio 5 live or maybe even Radio 4 Extra are my favourite.

    As evidence I give you Kermode and Mayo on a Friday (Radio 5) and loads of serials and plays on Radio 4 extra (used to be called Radio 7).


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