Brush your Teeth…it really does pay off!


Its the one on the left…that on the right is typical size.

I wanted to share a little story with you all which has just been relayed to me by my Good Lady.  It concerns my eldest son The Thinker and his visit to the dentist today.  A visit to have a tooth removed…but before you begin to tut and chastise be aware that this tooth was being removed due to its desire to stay rooted into the mouth of a lad approaching eleven years old.  I shall inform further.

My children do not get to drink fizzy drinks of any kind.  Now I am not harsh but its for their own good for you see I am child of Glasgow in the early 1980’s where virtually all children had missing teeth due to such drinks.  Sadly this is still the case for many in Scotland despite the evidence of tooth decay these drinks cause.  So its a diet of milk, squash, water, fruit juice and the odd lemonade for a special caffeine either!   Here in Girvan like elsewhere I regularly see idiotic parents giving toddlers or older children bottles and cans of fizzy drinks which they tip into blackened mouths and then howl from the sugar and caffeine rushes.  None of that for my dearest three.  So the teeth in the heads of my three sons are white and bright just like they are.  This is literal proof for this science being correct.  Take it from me.

The dentist removed my son’s tooth because it was so healthy and well grown that it did not want to come out to make room for the adult tooth coming in behind it.  She remarked that not only was it one of the best mouths she had the pleasure to work on (mine is not too bad too, we all have the same excellent dentist) but also that the total lack of decay was astonishing.  But what was really remarkable was the super size and strength of the tooth, which you can see above, twice or so the length of average.  My lad did very well and not even a whimper when the pliers did their work.  When he becomes a man his mouth and his mind will thank his parents.

Brush your teeth..better to have healthy ones pulled than a mouth of rot!


4 thoughts on “Brush your Teeth…it really does pay off!

  1. Hear, hear! I agree entirely. While my own teeth are much weaker (the enamel from the tops of my teeth is largely gone because I gnashed my teeth a lot when I was much younger -this has caused me to receive some precautionary fillings here and there) I had never any teeth pulled or rotten in any way, and this is mostly due to the fact that my parents had very much the same policy. Fizzy drinks such as Coca Cola not only provide a massive sugar-boost to tooth rotting bacteria, but the acidity of the drink is also very damaging. To this day I rarely drank any Cola drink, but these days I find I can no longer tolerate it at all due to the high caffeine content (living two years in England and drinking only tea does that to you 😉 If the caffeine has such a negative impact on a grown up, then imagine what it does to a child that is still growing up, with a much lower BMI and capacity to process such toxins.

    • Hello Sam,

      Thanks for your comment. I did not consider the negative impact on growth and left it at dental damage instead.

      Tea and Coffee both do of course contain caffeine so the children do not get either plus the danger of a very hot drink in their hands is a bit much for me.


  2. Lynn and I have been lucky our son has not liked sweet drinks at all.
    All he drinks is water.
    On the rare time he will eat a chocolate bar.

    • Hello Bob,

      That is good news and its good for the young lad too. Its all too easy in the USA and the UK to get access to mouth rotting drinks at a young age. Nothing wrong with the odd sweet.


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