Nearing Three Score…well a Score and three Quarters!


The Swag of the Day!

Its me birthday today…Huzzah!  Its also been a long week of many things the future will show, hence the lack of blog postings and updates.

Thanks to all who gave me a gift.  Not only a physical object but also their time, for the emails, phone calls and also visits in person.  Above you can see some of what I received including several graphic art books and DVD’s too.  I may do a posting or two on some of these but they are all smashing great objects which will keep me ‘nerding’ for many hours over the coming weeks.  You will also see a polo shirt behind everything else.  This is a staff shirt from my local hostelry the ‘Roxy’.  They adore me so much they gave me a uniform so that I might work for them…but the shirt I currently wear would have to be prised off with a white metal crowbar first!

Special mention to my best buddy Jim Brittain who took several days off his work to come and stay here with me in Girvan for my birthday weekend.  Also Eve Hallow who amused all with the scratching of his long nails on every chalkboard he could find.  Also my Good Lady who organised not only a rousing cheer or two but also a cake and other surprises.

Normal service resumed soon!


p.s.  I am 34 today in case the title is somewhat confusing in this posting.

10 thoughts on “Nearing Three Score…well a Score and three Quarters!

  1. A belated Happy Birthday from me as well! 😀 I see someone with good taste has given you some Guylian Belgian chocolate as well! 🙂

    • Hello Sam,

      Thanks! Yes, they did. But not as nice as the ones you brought me. Centre of the Chocolate universe and all that.


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