SupaBases adds a String to the Bow

This posting is a little late as it had been planned for last Friday but if you look at the post previous to this one you will see that South West Scotland, where I live, was battered by one of the worst blizzards in living memory and that I was also affected by it.  Though the snows are currently gone, they may return, it has meant I am playing catch up now.  So…on with the show eh!

supalogo_wsThe ‘SupaBases’ logo designed by Sam Croes

Last week Alternative Armies and both released the ‘SupaBases’ range of MDF Wooden wargaming bases into the hobby market.  This was the culmination of several months of effort on my own part and others as although there are a few other makers of these kinds of bases in 2mm and 3mm thickness’s none of them were suitable as suppliers to the company.  So we decided to create our own and we were determined to source the wood and get the job done in Scotland.   The bases are precision cut with a tool, not a laser, and this gives a lovely finish to what is currently fourteen different sizes of square, rectangular and circular.  You  can see them below in the picture.


I personally think that although the company offers white metal and plastic bases these wooden bases have a lovely feel and especially for 15mm scale miniatures as singles and elements in wargames they give an impressive finish.  From this point on I will be using them for all of our own new releases and so on.

Its not always all about new miniatures and the excitement of new game systems sometimes its the tasks without the glamour which give a lot of satisfaction.  Hundreds of customers had asked if we would make these bases, so we did.   Not a lot more I can say except that if you want to you should give them a try especially the larger ones like the 75mm and 100mm circles as these are not practical in other materials and allow for some great set pieces or dioramas or vehicle mounts.   Thanks for reading and if you want to see the SupaBases then click on your choice of link below:        Alternative Armies


2 thoughts on “SupaBases adds a String to the Bow

  1. Brilliant to see them released! I think the supabases are a great addition to the hobbyist’s accessories. I still am a big fan of the 20mm plastic bases (as used for the 15mm miniatures) as well as the nice 25-30mm “lipped” plastic bases. But the latter don’t really work stylistically with the other 15mm scale bases, I think. The Supabases are far better looking for this purpose. And they’d make great vehicle bases too. I for one can attest to the excellent quality of these, as I have seen them for real already.

    • Thanks for the comment Sam.

      There are different sizes of bases and more coming after that too. Oddly enough the Ion Age 28mm scale miniatures look even better on the flat round SupaBase than on the lipped plastic ones. Suits them.

      Great quality, great prices. 🙂


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