Another Flintloque print run sells out.

Last week the print run of 5025 Flintloque 3rd Edition – War in Catalucia ran out for the third time!  Yes, that means a forth print run.  I have organised this and hopefully it will arrive within a week or so depending on the Easter long weekend holiday here in the UK.   Over the last two years Alternative Armies and I have adapted to and taken to short run printing for wargame titles so getting a couple of hundred new books is now a matter of routine.

I could go into the benefits of such business techniques but there is a lot online about POD and Short Run printing which those who are keen can look up on their own.  I have other things to be getting on with just now for next week and even for tomorrow in fact for  So at this point I will just give myself another wee pat on the back.  Every time a print run sells out on something I wrote it makes me smile.  Validating what I do for a living and knowing that another couple of hundred people are enjoying it too.