Giving in to the Pressure of Wargamers – Security Force Alpha

Security Force Alpha sculpted by Elton Waters

Last week I released a whole miniature sub-range into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction miniatures line.  This was the eight packs and about thirty poses in the ‘Security Force Alpha’ or SFA set.  Due to technical problems caused by an internet war (of which the company was not a part but we did lose our websites for twelve hours or so) I did not post about this here at the time.  I was going to let it pass, after all there is a lot going on, but the response to the release has been frankly huge.

Dropship Horizon Blog, the best place online for the latest and greatest in 15mm science fiction wargaming announced the release and this sparked off a lot of views and then comments.  I added my own comments and then watched as email messages began to arrive at congratulating us upon releasing, at last, a generic human force that is not another cookie cutter power armoured ‘not marines’ at a good price.  Other emails asked, some even pleaded (steady on!) that we release SFA as single miniatures as well as packs.  I had intended to do this, after all it has been getting done now for the majority of the range over the last year plus, but typically it would be a gap of several weeks or a month before it happened.  The reason for this is simple.  News is constant and the effort that went into the SFA frankly deserves a second bit at the news cherry.

After thinking it over, with Salute 2013 so near, I decided to give the wargamers what they wanted.  As of Thursday this week the whole SFA range will be out as singles.  Personally I think this is in the main for wargamers to get bundles of the two prone casualty poses in the SFA Command Pack as well as the kneeling Laser pose in the SFA Support Pack.

So pressure on does pay off for wargamers.  Makes me do more work, but it pays!


p.s.  Big Thanks to Chris at Dropship for his assist on this release.

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