A Week Until Salute 2013


This Years Salute Badge

It is seven days now until the biggest wargame show in the world takes place down at Excel in London.  Salute 2013 is a lot of fun for me on the day.  A chance to meet and greet, chat and play a game or two as well.  But it is a ruddy lot of work before hand as well.  Those who work in the wargame industry will this week be spending their time making stock, filling orders, packing racks, painting miniatures, counting books and more besides.  I often think that some wargamers do not realise that in our time of automation this industry needs a person to create every miniature and fill every blister pack too.  The materials in the massive hall at Salute will most likely represent a million hours of effort on the part of the traders.

How will I and the company do on the day?  Who knows!  It is all part of the excitement for me and every year is different as the ranges and products we offer evolve and change.  This will be my twelfth Salute in a row and maybe the fifteenth I have attended.

I will say it a lot on the day but I want to say it here as well to all the customers of Alternative Armies and 15mm.co.uk :  “Thank you all for keeping me in the best job in the world!”


4 thoughts on “A Week Until Salute 2013

  1. I can well imagine all the work that goes into preparing for Salute. As I have visited the event last year, I know how much care you guys put into the presentation of the products. I am very much looking forward to Salute.
    As a kid, St. Nicholas day was something to look forward to all the way through the year. Now I’m a grown up miniature hobbyist, Salute has taken that place. 🙂

    • Thanks Sam. We all look to Salute as a form of Christmas in a way. As it gets nearer I look forward to it all the more..and the night before I can’t sleep at all!

      See you there!


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