Interviewed on Dropship Horizon blog!


The SFA Interview on Dropship Horizon blog

Chris K over on Dropship Horizon blog has posted up an interview carried out with me about the recently released Security Force Alpha (SFA) miniatures from  Its a good and honest read.  I like to think that I am approachable and give answers and opinions without any ‘fluff’ or ‘padding’ which is so sadly common in the wargame industry.  It was nice to be asked by DSH blog to do an interview and if they would like to speak to me again they are most welcome.  So head on over and have a read.

At the point of publishing this post the SFA codes have sold out their pins on the HOF rack to be taken to Salute three times over.  Thanks for your support guys!


2 thoughts on “Interviewed on Dropship Horizon blog!

  1. Nice interview! Loving the SFA models so far too, they’ll make great “not” imperial guard for 15mm 40k!!

    • Thanks Grim. I was quite happy with it.

      As to what uses SFA could be put to…just about anything you need a generic human force for.


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