Tooth Fairy Pillows


Just a quick posting today here on the blog.  Why, you ask.  Well firstly so that I can show you all these three lovely Tooth Fairy Pillows my good lady made for our three lads and secondly because Salute has left me knackered and with only a day left until the promo month for the show ends the orders are still pouring into Alternative Armies.  Normal service as of next week as they say…what am I brewing, lets just say its been talked about before on this blog…

In the picture you can see the three little pillows my good lady made.  Honestly who needs to buy such things when this talented girl is in the house and making them herself.  Lovely work and the project made a change from miniatures you can be sure of that.  I said she should consider making them to order.  As to to what such a pillow is for…you put your tooth in it when it comes out and then during the night the Tooth Fairy leaves you a golden coin (if you are lucky enough to have Sterling as currency, one pound coins are gold in colour) which you can spend as you like the next day!

Well done lass!


6 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Pillows

  1. I think that they should be made to order. They are a handy way for the Tooth Fairy to get and leave.


  2. Lovely craft work!
    If you live in an area where they have Euro currency you can get away with 50 cents for a gold coin! 😉

    • Well they always say the UK is expensive! 🙂

      Glad you like the craft work. She is a talented lass indeed.


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