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My eldest son got another ‘senior student’ badge today from his school.  Those who follow this blog might remember he also got this badge back in September last year.  Getting it twice in a year seems to be something of an achievement.  The badge has no meaning in terms of school work in class its a citizenship type award instead; being given instead for aiding others in school life.  I will not go into details but the lad often assists other pupils who have medical or social needs beyond the norm and it goes with his caring and responsible nature.  As normal he will accept no praise so a five pound note left in his pocket this evening will do the work for me.

Tonight is also the bi-annual parents evening at the school, so perhaps he will score big twice this week.  Or even three times since the ‘star awards’ are middle of this week and he may make the grade there too.

Well done son!


3 thoughts on “Citizen Keen

  1. I say, well done to the lad! From my observation when I visited, I noticed he is a very mature young man indeed. A rare thing in this age, where a lot of children of his age seem to be hyperactive, sugar-fed little idiots. But I think it’s all down to upbringing. Now, the next step is to get the boy interested in miniature wargaming, eh? 😉

    • Working on it. I know just the game system to start him on. 🙂

      Thank you though. I put a LOT of effort into my work but even more into my family. I am very proud of all three of my children and my good lady too. The wee lads also liked you!


  2. UPDATE!

    The Thinker got a very good school report on parents evening and yesterday he also earned his spurs with his ‘stars’ award. As a treat he got a new book and a free run in the Sweetie Shop.

    Well Done!


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