Tabletop Wargamer Blog is no more…


Its a sad but valid day today for its time for me to retire the Tabletop Wargamer blog that I had begun in an effort to show everyone my own personal efforts in wargaming at home away from work.  I got a collection of Ion Age and Flintloque miniatures, I got a fine gaming buddy, I got terrain and even a spiffing table upon which to play…but… Time was not on my side.

As it happened the wargamers who provide me with a living were far more keen on me penning and testing rule systems and fiction than they were on reading about me playing!  That is fine as I have to add that I have found it hard to get the time for focusing on my own efforts and I do not want my own efforts to compromise the happiness that my work brings others.  Lastly exciting projects have developed that will need more of my time and involve blogging so you will all see me on another blog soon enough.

So Tabletop Wargamer is no more.  Thanks to all those who contributed comments, emails and more to the fifteen thousand views it built up.  If anyone wants any of the content from the blog, pictures, scenarios and such I have them but most are already on Barking Irons Online for you to read free.  They are in the HOF Fire-Team and Flintloque pages on the whole.

‘I am numbers not a free man!’  To paraphrase ‘The Prisoner’.


4 thoughts on “Tabletop Wargamer Blog is no more…

  1. Sorry to hear that buddy, I enjoyed following your other blog, I can appreciate how life does indeed have a habit of getting in the way of things.

    Take care

    • Hello Mark,

      Thanks. This website is staying so I am still here. Happy trails on your own efforts too, I enjoy your work.


  2. I find my Blog keeps me sane – no really. I no longer have what could be described as a high flyer job, but even when I did model making and figure painting was my outlet, my ‘let of steam’ valve.

    In addition, being semi-retired also takes away some of the strain.

    When I look back at my career – much of which was set away from home, I wonder how it might have been different!

    Keep your family close – and cherish every second with your children, it will not be long before they have out-grown you.

    Good luck and keep the work-family balance real.


    • Hello Tony,

      Your blog is one of the best hobby ones on the internet and I think its great. I can understand what you mean about keeping sane 🙂

      I will try to keep the balance. My wife and children mean the world to me and its for them that I get up every day and go ‘imagineering’.

      With the net and modern communications even when I am not at home I am always ‘there’, now with face time on the I-pad, Skype and such I can even be in the room!



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