Despicable Me 2 – Early Screening!


The Thinker, the Poet and the Warrior enjoy a treat!

Last Saturday I took the family to Ayr to see an advance screening of the brand new animated movie Despicable Me 2.  A week before the actual release I saw a chance for an early summer treat and took it.  I expected the cinema to be full as it was only going to be shown twice for one day.  But in reality it was nearly empty…perhaps the frankly insane pricing of the tickets put people off.  Let’s just say I could have bought nearly a dozen copies of the first film on DVD for the same price (or a couple of hundred 15mm miniatures).  Note this was a standard price, not inflated for the advance screenings.  So how was the film?

Actually it was really, really good.  I enjoyed the first Despicable Me movie a lot and this one continued the story and the level of fun and comedy with no let up.  It reminded me a lot of a 1970’s James Bond film with the gadgets, gags and honesty that is missing from such live action films now.  In fact the trailer for the upcoming Monsters University made me think of an 1980’s Police Academy type film.  Perhaps its a pattern…

If you enjoyed the first one or you have small children and can stand the price then its well worth seeing, five stars!


p.s. click on the links in this post.  Both official websites have a lot of them and my children enjoyed looking at them both.

2 thoughts on “Despicable Me 2 – Early Screening!

  1. I too enjoyed the first movie. I’ve had a training in animation, and I think I spotted at least one of the (more hidden) elements which makes the film so charming. They make very little use of effects such as motion blur, which causes it to look less like a live action movie with deformed people, and more like a classic stop-motion puppet animation. I think this is visually far more appealing. Plus, the humour is brilliant, of course.

    I’ll wait for the DVD of this new one to come out (and hit the bargain bin), as the cinema is a luxury I can’t really justify at the moment…

    • Hello Sam,

      Yes your background would allow you to spot more in animation than me, good call. Next time I see you I will treat you to a showing of DM2 I think, get you out and about in the bright lights! 🙂


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