One and One make Eleven!


Mascots and Mayhem with the Birthday boy on the right

Happy Birthday my Son!  The grand old age of Eleven is now yours!

A day off work for me and a trip to the Chocolate Factory near Dumfries with The Thinker and two of his friends along with his Uncle Jim and Aunty Cat too.  In blazing heat I watched him mix and pour chocolate in a chilled room (grrr!) and then have a riot of a time looking for fools gold in a panning stream and play for the afternoon at the large outdoor activity area (pirate ship, slides and other fun).  I chose this destination as his younger brother had gone there for his own birthday back in March and really enjoyed it.  A grand time was had!


Minecraft was the custom cake theme this year

The birthday boy is into Minecraft just now so we decided to theme his birthday cake upon that very subject.  My good lady wife goes all out for the birthday parties and cakes and so forth which I think is lovely and the children really do appreciate it.  A new bike and other gifts were his.  A little more than normal as a reward for doing very well at school and also being chosen to represent Girvan Primary at the opening of the new harbour pontoons last month.  I have pictures of him there but I forgot to post about it…doh.

Enjoy your day my now not so little non white metal soldier!


Winter 2002….The Thinker a decade ago!

Perhaps I do post a little too much on the children and the family.  But hey life is more than only work and I do adore them all so.


2 thoughts on “One and One make Eleven!

  1. Well Happy Belated Birthday!

    My boy saw that cake and went mad (he’s 10 now and equally Minecraftian)!

    It is a lovely piece of work. I try to make special cakes for the kids’ birthdays as well and so can state with some experience that the good lady wife did a faboo job of it!

    • Hello Bob,

      Thanks. I will pass this on to him. The cake was eaten and tears spilt over it in the process, but the figures from the top were kept. He was also very happy with the Xbox copy of Minecraft that he got on the day.


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