First Appearance in Print for The Poet


During the week we took delivery of a special book from my children’s school.  This book, as you can see above, took entries from across the United Kingdom by children who like to write and put them into one volume.  My middle son, The Poet, is really keen to be a bit like his dear dad and to have a room full of books some of which he wrote himself.  He was one of a hundred in the book.  This is the first step as it were to becoming an author. Well done!


To avoid being a cynic I will point out that I was well aware that the massive seventeen pound price tag for this little book was a money making exercise but to be honest I did not care this time.  Seeing my son so happy about getting his little tale in a book was well worth the money to me.  Encouraging children is a prime part of parenthood and beyond keeping them safe, well fed and properly educated it’s at the top of the list.


6 thoughts on “First Appearance in Print for The Poet

  1. Very cool!

    These sorts of young student publications are so empowering to the kids. My daughter’s third grade class did something similar and it was such a point of pride for the kids.

    Bonus points for Daniel for the use of Marvel characters in his tale 🙂


    • Hello Eli,

      You are spot on with this, he is really proud of his achievement. Yes, he likes Marvel a lot. More than DC. If it was not for Batman he would not even know it existed.

      I will tell him you said so.


  2. Okay… Let’s be honest…..

    That was…. AWESOME!

    Having read many comics in my life, I didn’t see that twist coming… They actually KILLED Dr Doom! Wow!

    Many good writers can make readers comfortable, thinking they’ve read this kind of thing before, then wham! A shock plot twist comes out of nowhere!

    I think he could have a very interesting future as a writer!

    Keep up the good work, Daniel!!


    • Hello Chris,

      Thanks for the comment. He did do well for a seven year old. He does like definite endings, not big on come backs or sequels.

      Maybe he will do something along the same lines as I do.


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