180914 a Year to the Day to Go

Daily Mirror Cartoon (Alex Salmond SNP, George Osbourne Conservative)

It is a year to the day until the referendum for independence is to be held here in Scotland.  With one simple question the voting age population of Scotland will make the single biggest choice likely in their lifetimes.

“Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Head on over to this BBC news page for the facts thus far about to whom and what else the vote will affect next year.  As I said in my previous posts here on the label 180914 there is a long way still to go and my own mind is not made up.  Perhaps its the cynicism over politicians and politics in general or the potential loss of Great Britain, a nation which did an awful lot to shape the modern world, or if the facts and figures prove Scotland would be better on its own.  Perhaps even it is just that I don’t really care I just want this national paralysis over and a choice made.

Either way I will certainly keep posting and as it nears I will do more in depth.  For now…well I am just too busy working to pay taxes to prop up whatever side wins the vote!  After all the economic figures from the YES and NO side are so radically different that one or both of them must be fibbing; they will either need the money or just send it back to me.


2 thoughts on “180914 a Year to the Day to Go

  1. I hate politics myself, it always seems whatever the vote we get, we never truly get what we want anyway!
    Not that this really concerns me (Being in England and all that) but I think it seems a bit mad to be doing this in the middle of a worldwide recession.
    Another thing is, what will the UK use as a flag if Scotland is no longer part? Gone will be the union jack and Great Britain will be nothing but a distant memory.
    I think it’s going to be a close thing, most Scots I know who I’ve asked about it want to remain part of the UK (Mind you, they live here in England so I imagine they would say something like that!)
    I’m sure everything will work out well eventually, question is, how long is “eventually”?

    • Hello Grim,

      I can’t answer any of that. I simply have no facts to draw on yet.

      Honestly here in Ayrshire there is little public interest in separation. People here voted SNP in the last election not for independence but instead to do the same thing England did and get rid of the Labour Party (there was no chance of a Tory majority here). We all knew the SNP would want the referendum but that was the price to oust the party that held Scotland for 100 years solid. Look up ‘Jack McConnell’ if you want an example of the failure of politics in Scotland. Nothing he did worked, his charity work was an embarrassment, his public speeches rubbish and his reward upon being booted out…a life peerage in London. Duh!


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