Tiny taking of Tinny Pictures

Today I spent a couple of hours taking photographs.  Not so unusual for me but today was a little different in that the pictures were for the upcoming conversion packs for 15mm miniatures on The Ion Age.  Above is one of the final composed images for one of the pack codes.  You can read about this over on The Ion Age blog.  These pictures were an absolute swine to take for several reasons.  Firstly the sheer size of the pieces in them.  Most are half a centimetre or less in length which means they would rather stick to Human skin than the paper I placed them on.  Then the positioning, even the slightest breeze or knock sends them flying and that includes the ends of my chubby digits (no artist am I!).  Lastly lighting.  Lighting is tricky with all miniatures as shadows can destroy a good picture.  The issue with these tiny white metal pieces is that they suffer shadows in images often not evident to the naked eye due to size.  Solution was a single high powered light source and then taking shots from directly above while staying out of the light cone.

Its not all glamour for me every day!


2 thoughts on “Tiny taking of Tinny Pictures

  1. Looking forward to getting some of these for the big order in the spring.


    • Thanks Bob. We have gotten in some TINY stock boxes just for these weapons and parts. Careful not to sneeze when they are on your work desk.


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