Happy 5th Birthday my little Warrior


Way back when with the Warrior dead centre!

Today is your birthday and now you are five.  What a little terror and delight you have become my son.  Mercurial and unlike your brothers you are the most testing and often the most rewarding of the trio.  I see your mother and myself in you and your temper…well that is all me.  Enjoy the presents and the cake and the birthday party too.  It’s your day and now you are five.

As an aside there is an important member of the family not here today and he is missed.  The picture above is from 2010 and shows the trio at Girvan Rail Station plus another….Uncle James. See you soon!


3 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday my little Warrior

  1. Happy Birthday warrior.
    I hope there will not be to much raiding of the nearby towns.

    From Bob,Lynn and Colin

    • Thank you from Scotland! The Warrior sends his regards and promises not to pillage and rob his way around the country. He went to bed last night in his super hero costume and with Captain America’s shield next to the bed. What a lad!


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