Dropship Horizon Blog holds a 15mm Painting Contest

Its painting competition time over on the great Dropship Horizon blog, focal point of all 15mm science fiction wargamers. Open to all comers there is a list of suggested entries and there will be prizes too for the winners. This is an excellent idea to keep away the blues of the deep freeze period of the year.  Check it Out!  The painting competition runs from 15th January 2014 to 15th February 2014. You can enter a squad or a single vehicle or a piece of terrain or structure. Full details on the post.

I have put two posting on the relevant blogs which you can read.  15mm.co.uk and The Ion Age are supporting this competition with prizes.  Also as a wee bit of additional incentive I have mentioned that if any of the products I am involved with win the event then I will reward the winner with a little something extra.  Read about it on the blogs.

Dropship Horizon blog is trying hard to maintain its premier position of world’s best 15mm Science Fiction wargaming news, reviews and resources site and events like this do help.  Its only a shame that I have nether the time or the talent to enter anything that might stand a chance of winning.  They are carrying on as a group the excellent resource that my friend Mark Hannam kicked off many years ago.