Do I like the Winter Olympics…No!

Over the past few days I have had dozens of emails and pings personally over the Winter Olympics currently underway in Russia.  I have also had people asking me in the street (despite the wind and water and cold) if I enjoy the Olympics.  The answer is no.  I don’t find sport interesting.  Perhaps its the turn off of football and the absurd money that ball kickers make but really its deeper.  Lots to do in the world that matters more and its never mentioned.  So sport no.  But I was interested enough to do some digging about the current Olympics and what did I find…well nothing nice.  That led me to YouTube and one of my favourite channels, that of Stefan Molyneux the libertarian philosopher.   He has made a video that includes all I turned up and a lot more.

Have a look and listen if you have a spare half hour.  But be warned you will not like the Olympics once you do.


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