A New Website for 15mm.co.uk

Migration was a success and now 15mm.co.uk has a brand new fully functional website.  As I said back on Tuesday it might take a day or a week or more but it went like a dream in the end.  It was a lot of work to build this site and honestly the messages coming in saying how nice it is makes me feel very happy. If you have an interest in what I do please go and have a look at the website.  Several thousand products and images.  Takes a lot of collate and insert.

On a separate but related note Alien Squad Leader 2.0, Alex Self’s fantastic 15mm science fiction wargame rules system is now back in stock as of this morning and the print run is selling already.  I had the privilege to write the fiction that was inserted into the pages of the manuscript and I had a hand in the layout while the great cover was done by Jim Brittain.   I have lined up quite a few new products for the HOF line that supports ASQL in the coming months and I will be giving details of each army as it develops into a full box code over on the 15mm.co.uk blog.

Now…the Ion Age calls and I can hear a Skylark singing (cryptic eh!).


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