Fictioning while Website building

There will not be many posts on this blog for a while.  I am currently involved in several big projects the main one of which for now is the building of the new all singing and all dancing Alternative Armies website.  This is a big task and I am seeing to it personally as it involves a lot of thinking and checking and product knowledge and no one knows the fictional worlds of the website like I do.  So off the back of a rather unpleasant encounter I had a while back in Ayrshire (no names as I avoid to give offence when the same was not extended to me) while out with my children I give you ‘Fictioning while Website building’.

This unpleasant encounter I will not go into details of but sufficient to say like many things in the world that creates hate it was about a book.  Not taking no for an answer I was forced to verbally bludgeon a fellow that would not quit assailing me about my own lack of belief in his brand of ancient nonsense.  Scared children and raised blood pressure later it set me thinking.  I create fiction for a living, I create worlds and characters and motivations and desires.  I place them in books and hope to profit by them.  Much like the subject of the above video which puts what I know from my own reading eloquently and better than I can about a book that fills the minds of men with other fiction.  Enjoy and more over…think.

More on the Alternative Armies website and other projects as they come nearer fruition.


6 thoughts on “Fictioning while Website building

      • It does indeed, It’s weird I have had a few heated conversations with some believers before along the same lines, then tend to pick and choose which parts they want to follow, or just misinterpret them totally. Ah well people are funny things 🙂

        • People are indeed funny thing. But personally I like to spend my limited time on this planet with the ones that think for themselves and accept the consequences of action. Got to take everything not just the bits you like. Thanks Mark. GBS

  1. Very interesting. I’m not going to get started on religion (I’d be typing for hours…) but totally get you about creepy scaremongering god botherers who seem to inhabit all town centres these days.
    The worst thing I’m finding is that this kind of senseless indoctrination isn’t isolated to these weird preacher types, but recently I had to have a long and fraught conversation to my 5 year old daughter about a certain teacher at school, filling her head with various christian nonsense, for which soon no doubt will have to be raised with the school at the next parents evening. even so I have my own beliefs (of which mainstream religion is not part) I really do take offense to anyone trying to put things like this into my children’s heads until they can objectively make their own minds up about their spirituality (or not).
    Mr Cameron might think that the UK is a christian country, but frankly he can go and *@$% off!!!


    • Thanks for your comment Will. It is horrid to see this being done to children. Don’t get me started on the PM’s statements 🙂

      As I said to Mark, education, free thinking and so on is the way people should be. Wargamers are those kinds of people, they have to be, exposed to all kinds of fiction and acting as a minor deity during play.


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