Club Tropicana for me the drinks were free


I am back.  Not that I ever really leave the virtual world.  A week off work, the first in quite a while.  It was nice and the fun did beguile.  Not much to say really.  I see no need to talk about it beyond that I enjoyed myself and got a tan.  I like flying and heat makes a refreshing change too.  Really the reason for this little entry was just to thank all those who wished me well on my time off knowing I don’t get a lot of it.  Thanks chaps and ladies.  It was Club Tropicana and the drinks were free…my dancing was not videoed…just as well really.

Things are back off to a flying start though.  What I am up to?  Well click on these links to see.

Alternative Armies

The Ion Age



2 thoughts on “Club Tropicana for me the drinks were free

  1. Hi Gavin,
    Glad your back and had a good time, a shame they didn’t video your dancing, it might have been an educational experience 🙂 I envy that you got a tan, usually takes a week of blistering sun just for me to go white…. anyway welcome back.


    • Thanks Mark. You really do not want to see me dance. My tan will fade while I am chained to the keyboard once more. Expect a lot of fun shortly! GBS

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