Carrick Lowland Gathering 2012

It is June now and that means time for the annual Carrick Lowland Gathering which takes place around the same weekend each year at the Victory Park in the middle of Girvan.  The Gathering as it is known has been a fixture of life in Girvan for a long time and it encompasses a lot of fun and festivity.  This year was no different on that score but it was an improvement on last year.

Throwing the Hammer at the Lowland Gathering!

A sunny Sunday lunchtime saw the Syme clan arrive and while I trotted about and had a few chats my good lady took some photos, the best two are in this posting.  The Gathering has a highland games event that includes hammer throwing, Highland Dancing and it has a Pipe Band championship too.  Alongside this are other smaller events and charities and a number of fairground rides and many stalls selling everything from traditional sweets and clothing to local wares like tartans and curling stones.  There are also workshops on how to dance and play the drums and pipes.

The Poet enjoying the Trampoline! (He is jumping, it just looks like he is tied up in the ropes)

Unlike last year it was dry and sunny which I think increased the turnout to more than two thousand all in and it meant more traders turned up too; there were no spare pitches left.  The pricing of everything was reasonable too and as always it was great to see the town busy and the children having fun.

Good Times!


2 thoughts on “Carrick Lowland Gathering 2012

  1. I’d just like to invite you and the Syme clan to join Girvan’s civic Week parade with the Olympic theme – so shorts and t-shirts or trackies, flags, etc – 24th June 1.45pm we start from the South Church Hall and walk for blocks before returning to the brilliant Gig on the Green. Hoping for sunshine on the day ! Please bring your friends !,

    • Hello Sconaid,

      Thanks for your comment. We shall certainly aim to get to the big event on the 24th, work and weather permitting. I also hope for sunshine on the day and that all the effort Girvan Attractions has put into this season is not put to waste.

      Maybe we will see you there 🙂


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