Ray Bradbury a master of Science Fiction dies at 91

Normally I do not comment on the news but I just learned that Ray Bradbury author of more books than you could carry has died at the age of 91.  He had been ill for a long time, that I knew, but in a career that lasted seventy years I came across his work again and again.  From the classic Fahrenheit 451 to lesser known works he always impressed me with the skill and touch of his writing not to mention his boundless imagination.  My personal favourite has to be the collected tales in The Illustrated Man.

If you have never heard of Mr Bradbury then get out from under the rock where you live and get informed.  An excellent author who will be greatly missed.


2 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury a master of Science Fiction dies at 91

  1. That is very sad news indeed! His Fahrenheit 451 got me hooked as a teenager , and his Martian Chronicles (still amongst my top favourite Sci-fi books) had a profound influence (and is still a source of inspiration) on me as an artist. Mr. Bradbury will be greatly missed, that is sure.

    • Thanks Sam. Yes, he will be missed. Though he was very ill for a long time he still kept on working. He will be long remembered for sure.


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