A Request to Review ‘Battlegames Magazine’

BattleGround Magazines No 28-30

I was asked by John Howe-Marshall at Media Shed, the advertising bookers for Miniature Wargames Magazine and my contact for our own adverts in that publication if I had heard of Battle Games magazine.  I said I had but I had not seen it in a long time.  John told me it was as growing entity and that I should consider it for advertising but since it was not on the news stand and was subscription only he would send me a couple of copies to have a look at.  To thank him for this I told him I would do a review of those issues and share my thoughts with all you readers.

The issues arrived today!  So I hope to get an overview review of the three of them done this week.


7 thoughts on “A Request to Review ‘Battlegames Magazine’

    • Thanks Tony. I look forward to writing it when time allows. I have only thumbed one of the three issues so far but it is a good read.


  1. Gavin,
    I also look forward to reading your review(s), as I am thinking (emphasis on thinking) about buying a few issues with the cheque I hope to receive for submission of an article to another publication. Anyway.
    I understand that BATTLEGAMES is now within the Atlantic fold. (This may be why it is “growing” – as you remark.) I believe that it’s been around for about 30 issues. According to adverts for it that I’ve seen (in MW and on the Internet), it strikes me as a bit elitist, for lack of a better word. For example: Articles in BG are written by “big names” in the hobby. While it is interesting to “hear” from the higher-ups, doesn’t the vast majority of our hobby take place outside of the “castle walls”? Phrased another way, I can identify more with what the regular bloke is doing than with the guy who has a building dedicated to the hobby, a 30 foot by 12 foot table, and a collection of 8,000 figures.


    • Hello Chris,

      Thanks for your comment. What did you write and for whom?

      I am about half way though reading all three issues and hope to post the review this week.

      The issues I have are 28-30 so at least that many. Perhaps elitist for using ‘names’ but then it is sometimes hard to get full articles written by typical wargamers. Certainly that is my experience. I personally only have a couple of hundred miniatures and a six foot table so that does not fit me.

      Perhaps being with Atlantic will make it grow, but the review will give my full opinion. I know Henry Hyde worked very hard on BG before it was taken over.

      See you on the flipside of the review post!


      • Gavin,

        Thought I might provide a partial answer to the “what and to whom” question by copying and pasting this site –

        Though I might also provide further fodder for discussion on your blog.

        Any word on when the review of BG might appear?

        Thanks and have a pleasant weekend,


        • Hello Chris,

          Many thanks for the link. I will read this fully as time allows. Yes, with a quick look there is a lot there for a blog posting and opinion.

          The review is ready but having had an email conversation with Henry Hyde I await some words from him to end the review with. I will give him a little longer. Be assured I have not forgotten.

          This weekend will be busy for me with a lot of events on, none of them wargame related sadly, and my good lady’s birthday too.

          Be Well,


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