O.G.Joel takes on a new USE ME project

The Space Cockroach (as Omer Golan Joel refers to himself online) is a busy man indeed.  On top of his gaming interests and work he writes USE ME series titles and as of this week he and I agreed that his next project will be USE ME 6mm.  Covering World War Two, Ultra-Modern and Science Fiction this planned new rule set will be in the usual format and will feature all arms from infantry to vehicles, aircraft, orbital support and so on.  You can read more about his plans over on this post on his blog.

I am looking forward to this set of rules since O.G.Joel and I both feel that the ‘engine’ of USE ME is well suited for adaptation to 6mm and that the wargaming market is in need of a fast, easy and tactical set of game rules for this scale and setting.  More of this when the time is right but I think 15mm.co.uk might well be publishing this title at the end of the year or early in 2013.

Expect another posting on the talented Space Cockroach on an ultra-modern theme soon.


2 thoughts on “O.G.Joel takes on a new USE ME project

  1. Very great idea!

    I am finishing my 2mm infantry and cavalry for French Prussian War with a Dystopian War touch, I think that I can help in this project.

    Please tell us more about that!

    • Hello Slorm,

      Thanks for your comment. All new projects are exciting and I am sure O.G would welcome a message from you with an offer of help.

      2mm! Can you even see the miniatures in this most small of scales? 🙂


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