Hussite War Wagons by Mr Roy

A good number of months ago a customer of purchased quite a large number of the medieval Hussite War Wagon sold by His name is Emmanuel Roy and he has very kindly sent us and allowed me to make use of some great images of his wagons in action.  Today I replaced the image on the website with photos taken by Mr Roy as they are way nicer than what we had.  HUC10 is a white metal kit that can be made up in a variety of ways.  It comes with all the parts needed including horses so you can have this ‘mobile fort’ in motion or static as per your needs.  So with that I chose to put these images on the blog today.

Please note that though sells the Wagon and some of the pictured miniature many are by others makers so keep that in mind if you are searching the Medus Range.

Thanks Mr Roy.  Great pictures and a joy to look at.  You make me rather jealous!