I know that it takes time and effort to create first rate content for your writing projects and that looking at a blank white screen can be one of the most daunting sights for any creator to face.  You need blog posts, articles, fiction, rules engines, research and all manner of material to get your project from the egg of your mind to the soaring eagle of your potential.  All of this material takes time and it takes skill coupled with experience.  I have a decade of writing experience in a ‘strict deadline’ and ‘commerce driven’ environment.   I can take your ideas and deliver content that will make you a contender in any industry that requires the written word.  See my Published Work page.  Below is Irregular Magazine 13 featuring my ‘Robo Basho’ article as its cover article.

My rates are extremely competitive, representing great value for your money.  Unlike other creators of content my rates are per piece of work not per hour so you know what you are getting before the commission is agreed.  I take only a limited number of commission clients each year. You could commission me for:

Article Writing

Use me to avoid using PLR content, instead using my skill to produce unique articles for your brand or range or to link build a campaign.  Articles can be from 400 to 2000 words and include all needed research.  Articles can be used for web publishing, conversion to PDF or in print with ownership of the article being the purchasers in full.  If used on the web then all articles will be SEO organised and any required keywords included. 

Blog Post Writing

Use me to produce blog post content usually between 300 – 400 words per post.  I can be provided with SEO keywords, asked to perform the research on your behalf, to produce posts based on your range or brand.  I can produce a series of posts for a weekly or monthly delivery which as you probably know is a great way to grow a website and its following.

Ebook or Print Book Creation

Use me to deliver a whole manuscript for your project arranged to your proposed word count including all needed research.  Also using my industry contacts and design skills I can contract artwork, lay out publications, arrange e-publication to any format or set up for traditional print runs of your book or title.  I will even sort out your ISBN for you if required.  All rights to the book in all formats will belong to the contractor.

Guest Post Writing

I am happy to act as a ghostwriter for you and to produce material on your behalf.  Under your own name use this content in synergy with your own, as part of your goals.

If any or all of this sounds like your cup of tea and you fancy a conversation about your needs please do drop me a reply here or an email on  Lets do something brilliant together.