The Blues Addicts 1970

It has been said to me that my taste is music is rather ‘special’, indeed my good lady does not often allow my tunes to be played while we are driving for fear of upsetting the children!  But what does she know eh…I know I have fine taste.  With that in mind here is the first of my little reviews of music from an age before the internet, the CD, the tape when vinyl was king!  A Vinyl from my collection now though converted to mp3 format for easier listening on the move.

The Blues Addicts put out one album, one only, it was in 1970 and bore the same name as the band.  I do not know much about these fine fellows but what I do know is that album is from Danish psychedelic blues-rockers. Similar in feel to early Blue Cheer, Hendrix or Cream this album is heavy. Killer acid guitar riffs power this beast as demonstrated on the stunning ten minute ‘Hailow’. Psycadellic blues from the flower-power age. Lead figure is vocalist and guitarist Ivan Horn. He later joined C.V. Jorgensen amongst many other “big” Danish bands. Freak Emporium & Karma.

I adore fuzz guitar and blues and this album has both of these.  Its not kind on your ears at a high volume but track ‘Ba-Ba-Dar’ is awesome with rending lyrics and soaring axe work.  You just don’t hear music like this live any more.  There are a few links for video and you can see Ba-Ba-Dar on YouTube.

This album is not easy to find but its well worth seeking out if only you can find it.  Versions exist on CD these are easier to get.  Possibly around 20.00GBP or more.


What about a Renaissance Era in 15mm?

It might not be the flash and bang of the second world war or the steady ranks of a Greek phalanx but there is great wargaming potential in the period often referred to as ‘the Renaissance’.  While you can study the period for yourself, the Renaissance, has been the subject of many sets of rules along with many ranges of miniatures since in the 1970’s.   Its not the most popular period but it has many charms not the least of which being the infamous Landsknecht’s of the Germanic states and the Swiss cantonments along with the varied forces of the Italian City States including the jewel in that crown; Florence.

I have had a number of emails and messages from USE ME players who think that a version of the engine suited to quick play massed formations in the setting of the 15th to 17th century Europe is more than possible when the likes of USE ME American Civil War and USE ME Fantasy already exist.  I have to agreed.  Formations of pike, of great swords, plate armoured cavarly, archers, crossbow and more led by lords carrying mighty banners are very appealing. has a great many 15mm scale miniatures in the Altuous range from this period.  I have some images too of a tiny number of these, see below.  From the top MR6 Swiss Light Pike in full then close up, MR9 Swiss Crossbow and then MR11 English Billman.  All super stuff and painted by David Sheppard.


I have decided that there is most certainly scope for a ‘USE ME Renaissance’ title in the range.  As to what it will contain…who can say at this time but with my project deadlines tied up until this summer any work on this would have to be after that.  As always if anyone reading has notions for what to include then do contact me here or at