A quick look at Miniature Wargames Issue 349

This month for various reasons I do not have time to do a full review of the latest Miniature Wargames magazine (partly due to having to create an advert for the next issue but more on that next week!) but it is a great magazine so I want to look at a few bits of it and give my thoughts….. In fact since I typed that first sentence three days have passed and it turns out I had less time than I thought I first had so this will have to be an even shorter look!

Here is an outline of the official contents of the magazine with my own comments inserted into a few key areas of my own special interest.

Cover Story – Scarlet Thunder at Salute. Can Colonel White escort the World President to London Airport before the Mysterons wreak their deadly havoc? John Treadaway presents an homage to Supermarionation in this preview of one of the South London Warlords’ games at Salute 2012.

This is a great article that really shows the potential of a group of wargamers who have talent and time to do something original.  From the scratch built vehicles and terrain to the converted miniatures and the mission idea itself it is pure quality and was a joy to read.  John Treadaway hits gold again…now where is my copy of Full Thrust?

Ancients – Peter Hall continues his series on wargaming the battle of Mons Graupius using Hail Caesar rules.

Napoleonic – John Walsh contributes the concluding part of his series on wargaming Salamanca in the year of the battle’s 200th anniversary.

I had been looking forward to the conclusion of this series of articles and Mr Walsh did not disappoint me.  Now I have the full set I might well give them the Flintloque treatment when time allows! 

ACW – Trevor Halsall looks at wargaming the Hornet’s Nest action at Shiloh, 1862, in a preview of Newbury & Reading Wargames Club’s game at Salute 2012.

I have to be honest again.  ACW leaves me cold as a wargamer but this article had some really nice pictures and the Newbury & Reading guys did a lovely job.

19th Century – Jim Webster concludes his series on wargaming the French intervention in the Mexico of the 1860s with a look at the role of the Egyptian battalion.

The High Ground – Steve Eardley questions our assumptions, reviews the latest products and looks at infantry square tactics on the tabletop.

Insightful and one of the most rewarding pile of pages in every issue of MW.  Form Square and give Mr Eardley a medal!

WWII – Gary Richards presents scenarios for wargaming the Japanese invasion of Burma, 70 years ago this spring.

Modern – Andrew Hubback presents a wargamer’s guide to playing SWAT team actions in a modern urban environment including tactics, terrain, rules and figure options.

Boy have I waited for this one, its been a couple of months but it was well worth the wait.  Andrew Hubback delves into ultra modern hostage rescue and all that entails.  From the background to hostage takers and retrievers to a wargamers guide and miniatures advice but also terrain and tactics advice.  He also tells how to convert standard military vehicles for use by the local PD or SWAT teams (good advice this!) and then on to rules that suit the job.  He openly states that mis-match is the name of the game when playing out scenarios involving hostages and gives good account of what is out there.  He also outlines segmenting play to represent the shock for trained men in entering rooms where hostages are held.  Andrew finishes with a short scenario called ‘Factory Hold Up’ that flows from everything already talked about which I found played out really well in 15mm scale.  I have to say that all this fires me up to do a USE ME title on the subject but for now ‘USE ME Riot’ will have to remain a dream as other things demand life!

Darker Horizons – Gary Mitchell rounds up the latest gossip, news and reviews in his regular Darker Horizons column.

Gary gives his usual zany excellence and it was great to meet him at Salute.  But shucks a whole page on little old me and mine…how kind!  An excellent look at Alternative Armies and 15mm.co.uk, USE ME and Flintloque and more. So impressed by this.   Here is a picture from the free copy Mr Hubback gave me on the day!

Darker Horizons page in MW349

I cannot really talk about this as several interviews and a video post too are enough for my ego in the last two weeks.  As Bob Minadeo said to me today ‘Soon you will need a man to follow you in the style of the ancient Romans and whisper in your ear ” remember you are only a man” ‘.  Perhaps I will…


Interviewed on ‘Bring your A Game’ blog

Blog Logo for Bring your A-Game

A couple of weeks before Salute 2012 I was asked if I would like to be interviewed by Bring your A-Game blog.  Mike, the fellow who runs the blog, said it would be fine for me to wait until after Salute to give my responses to his questions which I readily agreed to as it suited me and as it turned out it suited Mike too (he was a bit under the weather during the time of the show).  Now the interview is up and live so why not head on over and have a read!

Questions ranged all over the place including my origins in miniature wargaming, what my favourite set of rules was, what I am currently up to and intend to be up to as well.  Also covered are the origins of 15mm.co.uk and the gaming theory of Flintloque 3rd edition.  In fact once I had finished my evening’s work in writing my answers I realised that it ran to several thousand words but hey…I have a reputation for just going on and on 🙂

Hat’s off to Mike, great work, great blog.


HOF Fire-Team interview on Dropship Horizon Blog

HOF Fire-Team book cover

Chris K,  he of Basement Gaming Bunker blog has posted an interview with me on the mighty Dropship Horizon blog.  The interview is a short one all about the idea and development behind the brand new HOF Fire-Team wargame rules written by Bob Minadeo and myself.  Chris asks some good questions and I hope my answers were just as good.  If you are keen on 15mm science fiction gaming then go along and have a read.

Thanks also to all those who have emailed me on this interview already and for chastising for not putting this up already on me blog…well I am busy you know but posts a plenty to come I assure you!