The Catalogue Project!

I have been given a mammoth task.  A mighty and all consuming task the likes of which has not been seen in a decade….to update the Alternative Armies commercial catalogue!

Now I am not talking about websites or articles or partial listings.  I mean the whole deal.  A total catalogue of all the miniatures, books, bases, dice and other items that the company can offer to the public.  This includes everything now in the hands of and the former TTG ranges like Laserburn.  The company has not issued a complete document like this in nearly ten years.  So as you can imagine it will be a lot of work.  I intend to focus on it intently for one week at the expense of everything else to just to get it done.  I will most likely emerge bleary eyed blinking into the light once it’s done.

Essentially a complete catalogue now seems needed as we have had a large increase in requests for it from customers and traders alike.  Catalogues fell out of favour years ago but they seem to be in again.

While at university I did a brief course on being a librarian which involved catalogues and such.  I did not think it would ever come in useful….