Slaughterloo Boxed Set OOP…something new this way comes.

 S2 Box Set OOP

Slaughterloo Box Set OOP

I had been watching the shelf for near a year but it finally happened last week…Alternative Armies sold its last stock copy of Slaughterloo; that being the boxed set of three books and card sheets released in 2006.  A while back at a company meeting it was agreed that when the day came we would remove the game from sale for a month and then bring about a new version.  This was going to be a new edition but progress has been halting and there is no rush as the existing mechanics of the game are excellent and vastly more than the old first edition.  I can almost hear you all now reading this and saying ‘what no more devil..why?  We love that big battle wargame’.

Fear not!  Slaughterloo will continue.  In fact it will do so at Christmas of this year for at this very moment I am working on ‘S2 Redux’.  That is a new run of the game.  Same mechanics, same rules, same content but in a different format to the box set.  Coded 5030 Slaughterloo will become a single thick book along the same lines as Flintloque 3rd edition became in 2009.  Bigger than any one Flintloque book this one will contain all three of the box set books with updates in the army stats tables to account for the passage of time.  All of the cards, tokens and so on to play the game will be in the book for photocopy and personal print…but also on the Alternative Armies website as free digital downloads.  Excellent value and all in one place.  Sneak peek below of the new cover with brand new artwork by Edward Jackson and logo by Sam Croes.


The draft new cover!

More on this on Barking Irons Online nearer the time.


9 thoughts on “Slaughterloo Boxed Set OOP…something new this way comes.

  1. Hi there Gavin
    This is very good news! Just what I wanted to see!
    As always, I am available to offer help, I would be happy to playtest any new rules that may have been tweaked and I can even offer to read through it to get the right ‘flow’. My friend is a professional proofreader and she may well proofread it for you too, to check it is okay. I recall the last version having quite a few issues with consistency!

    I look forward to seeing some of the units mentioned in the 3rd Edition Flintloque rulebooks coming into this as well. May I just say that the layout from 1st edition worked better than 2nd edition Slaughterloo and I would hope this edition harks back to it’s roots.

    Very good news, let me know how I may be able to help.


    • Hello Rob,

      This is a new thing for me and for the company, the Redux, its exactly the same game, same mechanics, same words. Not a new edition, not changed in anything but the statistics for new units. Thanks for the offer of help, when we come to the third edition I may well contact you and take you up on some of those offers. But for now its the same but different my friend.


  2. Not a problem Gavin, I just imagined getting a reprint would have been the right time to alter things here and there! Not so much the rules, but more the way the rules are presented. 🙂

    Anywho, you’re the boss and I look forward to it eitherway.


  3. Looking good! (Though I say the logo art could be a tad bigger on the cover. -but maybe that is just me 😛 )
    I’m loving the the new cover picture. Edward’s work so perfectly complements the Flintloque/Slaughterloo miniature range, and it always has that humorous touch to it. I like that a lot.

    • Thanks for your comment Sam. Well I could make the whole cover out of nothing but the logo put on landscape format 🙂

      Humour is very important to Flintloque and Slaughterloo, its a big part of the game despite the war and carnage.


  4. Absoloutely agree! Edward is great at capturing the character of the miniatures range (and often the miniatures themselves!). He is a joy to work with!

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