“The Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch”….


A snapshot taken moments before a bloody and savage death for an intrepid explorer of the wild ways and places.   Rumour has it that this fearsome beast is no myth and poetic imagining but is instead a white metal reality coming this week for pre-order at 15mm.co.uk.  I could not possibly say at this time but perhaps in a few days time….a more in depth look maybe.

For now gaze and long for it…I know I do.

Now I must go a galumphing back to work.


6 thoughts on ““The Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch”….

  1. i know my classic GW, my mythology and have a decent filmology i know what this is (but as its a teaser i wont tell anybody)

    • Hello Elton,

      Shussh! The truth will out soon. But aside from those ‘ologies, you need to look to your literature too for the source.


  2. Great stuff, it was one of the first poems my dad ever read to me! Very nice mini, at this rate you might convince me to start some more 15mm fantasy games! (as if I don’t have enough to do!!) Seriously cool monster!!

    • Hello Grim,

      Indeed this might convince you. Its a seriously lovely kit of a classic creature. It also works for 25/28mm too, it scales well.

      The tease is also now over, check out 15mm.co.uk and seek the Vorpal Sword for self defence.


    • Hello Nick,

      Thanks. It’s now on the pre-order so you and a good number of others have placed an order for it. It’s a super miniature.


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