GBS and AJS 2014!


Twelve Years ago today I got married.  I snapped this picture a few days ago and it sums up my feelings.  I love you my lady as much today as I always have and no work, no money, no people and no damned nonsense of the world will ever come between us.  Anniversary Day once more and while this is a short post it makes the point!

Now…Champagne Cognac or Botanical Gin….hummm…


4 thoughts on “GBS and AJS 2014!

    • Thanks Bob. It was a good weekend but back to work once more for all of us here.

      I hope the weather is not freezing you out totally over in the USA.


  1. Gavin,
    We are still at -1 degree today, up from -15 with wind chill hiting us bringing the temps down low.
    You could throw boiling water out in the cold and it would turn to snow in the air.
    But a little better today.
    Lynn and I are still trying to go to our anniversary dinner maybe when it warms up a bit.


    • That does sound like an improvement Bob. Here its very mild and the nicest January for years at the moment. Aye, eat your dinner hot!


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