USE ME 15mm Fantasy sold out!

What a way to start the day!

Due to a flurry of orders during the night has sold out the print run of UM002 USE ME 15mm Fantasy rules.  First off thanks to all those gamers who bought a copy, or in some cases half a dozen for a club or group of players, and for all the kind feedback on the rules I wrote in that title.

I am organising another print run of this title but I do not have a date as yet for when it will be back in stock.  Keep in mind there is a paid for PDF download version of UM002 which is availiable for purchase right now.

UM002 covers high fantasy in everything from small skirmishes with a dozen a side 15mm miniatures right up to nearly a thousand miniatures in a battle on the table.  The battle level of the system works on a really clever (thanks Elton!) ‘3’s’ mechanic to combine up single miniatures into formations.  Formations can be on single bases or on element bases like HOTT.