GBS the birthday King of Lead!


The Throne of Lead!

Today is my birthday…yes once a year it arrives.  While it is a day of work (as all days are for me..who can understand those who claim to be too busy eh!) it is also a day of joy.  Joy at now being thirty five years old.  I am now half way to the big four zero.  I have been well treated with gifts and cards and many emails and messages too from across the world so thank you all.  I will try and reply to all of them by midnight.

The picture above well that was the biggest surprise of the day thus far.  My good friend Sam Croes (he of the Ion Age) sprung a piece of artwork on me as a gift.  Some have likened me to the ultimate barbarian and now you can see what that might have looked like.  I am going to get this turned into a poster and put on my wall.  I am the King of Lead it seems.  It was nice of Mr Croes to tone down the muscles on me… ha!  (it seems my darling wife knew of this and she is also in the picture!).

Its been a very busy year for me.  I have had good times on the whole and bad times on occasion.  You can follow them back across the blog if you so desire.  But age is just a number and the next twelve months will bring even more to talk about.  I have plans…lots of them.  Some of them might even make it to reality.  Working in the Wargaming Industry is very rewarding and creative.

What I do want to say is that apart from being depicted as a barbarian I am a good man, a good husband and father and a loyal friend.  I am loved and I return that love and in life that is what matters.


8 thoughts on “GBS the birthday King of Lead!

  1. Firstly; Happy Birthday, 35 Eh? Well it’s all down hill from here.

    Secondly; What a fantastic gift and such a good likeness!

    Best wishes and I hope you were able to finish early enough to enjoy the day.


    • Thanks Tony. Yes, it is errie eh how close it is to me. I did manage to sneak away early enough to get some birthday time. Back to work now.

      Downhill…that does not bode well!


    • Thanks Eli. I know you are a busy guy now that you are working Thursdays again so its no problem. Yes, its an awesome pressie indeed.


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