Effort and Reward at Schools End


The school term has ended and the summer holidays begun here in South Ayrshire.  Huzzah you might think but no.  It means seven weeks or so of entertaining children and educating them yourself rather than the teachers. Teacher work so hard, they do.  Really…I am not joking.  In fact while I am working they are, when they are off for the whole summer…well I am still working.   Anyway let me not suggest that education needs an overhaul bringing it into the modern world the rest of us live in let me instead brag a little about my three.  The Thinker, the Poet and the Warrior did well this year and I reward them for that.

Society now seems in a fair bit of imbalance towards children but not in my home.  Rewards and treats are earned.  You get what you need and then your good behaviour and excellent performance combined with contributing ideas and thought in conversation gets your rewards.  End of term means an accounting of those prizes earned in term time and I reward well.  As the image above shows it was a good payout as a small pile of award stars, certificates and so on were presented to me.  Well done you three!