USE ME Terminus Micro-Scenarios 1 to 5 complete

Terminus Artwork 1

As announced in a previous posting on this blog I have now completed the Terminus Micro-Scenarios number 1-5 for use with USE ME.

You can expect to see the scenarios on Barking Irons Online in the coming few weeks.

1. Planet Fall

2. Primal Score

3. The Shootist

4. Gun Run

5. A Node in the Right Direction

Artwork as seen here will be included and was penned by Edward Jackson.

Terminus Artwork 2Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “USE ME Terminus Micro-Scenarios 1 to 5 complete

    • Thanks!

      He does draw some lovely images.

      I hope you enjoy the micro-scenarios, perhaps Basement Gaming Bunker will feature one if you play it out?


  1. I particularly like the design of the drop-ship and will try to produce a 15mm scratch-built model to feature as a Modelling Masterclass article for Barking Irons Online.

    I’m not promising a quick turn-around as there are a number of things on my workbench, so I’ll keep you updated on my Blog.


    • Thanks for your comment Tony.

      That would be superb if you did. I look forward to reading of your progress on the Dampf blog.


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