This Week Destiny….YES or NO

Democracy.  Mob Rule.  Politics and all the dirt that comes from it.  It comes to Scotland this week in the biggest electoral decision that I and my Celtic brothers and sisters will ever have to make.  Its been getting increasingly rapid and even bad tempered in the streets of Ayrshire and elsewhere as the time grows close.  Both camps are hard at it putting their cases and belittling the case of the other side.

YES is focusing in on the failures of history and of distant rule from London while NO is focusing on the fails of the future and the terror of near rule from Edinburgh.  Frankly its all been a storm of smoke and sometimes outright lies.  I don’t really know what to believe but nothing YES has said has gladdened me and nothing NO has said has made me think that remaining is also a good idea.  More than a year of reading everything and pondering it all and I am no closer to knowing which way to go would be better.  Actually I could have written an entire new Flintloque book in the time I have spent on this and had way more result from it.  My notion of reporting here something solid to go on have vanished.

I must make note of the level of anger in me at some of the online comments left on Facebook, Gplus and Youtube aiming not only hatred but sheer idiocy towards the Scottish people.  I will not recount them but it is very saddening to read.  Actually its more upsetting the level of poor grammer, education and outlook presented that gets to me.  Is Great Britain or the UK one nation…no not really.  There is a real divide in climate, in attitudes, in populations, in wealth, in ideology and more before you even get to gender, race, religion and creed.  Perhaps we cannot all get along any more.  Or perhaps being as one will make us get along better.

I shall vote.  It is my right and my duty this week of all weeks.  For which case..alone or together…that remains to be seen.

I will end with the video clip below.  Perhaps Willy makes more sense than Cameron or Salmond.  He certainly makes clear points; something the others don’t.


(p.s. if you found this post confusing as to YES or NO from were meant to!)

2 thoughts on “This Week Destiny….YES or NO

  1. Well, as a Londoner originally from the emerald isles, I for one hope that Scotland remain part of the union. Everyone will be weaker if the split occurs, IMHO. If the vote is no, then the UK government need to reassess how the country is governed and allow the constituent parts more say.

    Good luck with the voting Scotland, ignore the politicians, use your heart’s and head’s

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