Enter the Spaceport! New 15mm SHM Miniatures.

15mm.co.uk has just released a bunch of new 15mm into the great SHM Range.  Any and all sculptors can submit to the range but all of these designs were created by Eli Arndt a rather talented fellow and over the last year increasingly a good friend too.  He has a vision of a ‘starport’ in space where all manner of weird creatures meet…I love this idea and these miniatures bring it a step closer to a space opera reality.

Below you can see the miniatures.  I have inserted large format images so you can get a good look at them and below the images is the listing of the codes so you can see what each of these alien chaps is called.

SHM30, SHM31, SHM34

SHM32, SHM33,SHM27


SHM27 Starport Urchins
SHM28 Trandan Mercenary
SHM29 Asteroid Miner
SHM30 Gizbin Mercenary
SHM31 Baroka Crimelord
SHM32 Calamite Preacher
SHM33 Phreek Bystande
SHM34 Prang Soldier
SHM35 Kardul Bodyguard

These miniatures are brilliant and I have added several of them in multiples to my USE ME forces (in fact I used a few of them in testing the Terminus Micro Scenarios too).  Personal favourite is SHM32 Calamite Preacher..great for a psyker or other minor leader of mercenaries.

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